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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Social Media Marketing Class

Comment, Post, Like, share is always where we keep on cook
SMM actually taught the more about facebook.
Upload and watch videos were just the two sides of a cube
Now actually we learnt the other facets of youtube.
Follow and tweet is what we knew of Twitter
But the insight 8 : 1 got us know what really matter
Never knew our name on web matters a lot
And within a week ‘Go’ got 50 shots
Blog, blog, blog is the actual way to blog
And the profiles on FB got the numerous links to read the blog log
Pinterest, soundcloud,
This course made us  just busy to register for free
Remember it was the last semester and we wanted to relax
And the class turned up as  the right place to ‘chillax’
The fun filled moments actually made our  attendance 100%
And popularity of subject made the class strength to become 200%
This message can go on and on
We just want to thank you for all your ‘Gyaan’
The day has come to an end and we are on web out of our locks
And here we realized that social media marketing rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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