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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Last Day at College

Bags packed ticket booked
Tomorrow morning will be new place to move
Left the job and joined the college
To study and enjoy without salary to manage
Entered the green campus with all new faces to look around
Hunting and searching till a friend to be found
Classes started and all ready for the war
Some to just pass and some to become star
The group work, ppt, assignment overloaded without measure
Then started Akshaya, Mahabs trip for pleasure
A two became three and three four five started to bang!!
Its now we have made our own freaking gang
The attendance became the proxies and A grade shifted to C
Finally the college life started as friends you see
The late night updates and then sleeping in class
Made the course pace go even more fast
Outing where was not just dinner, even fun was Radisson breakfast
This is college life where every meal with friends ever last
The fun filled trip to Pondicherry and yelagiri
Will never be so fun even we get a ride their for free
The facebook was full with just photos and photos
Never knew these updates will be only fb timeline blows
The night talks and walks around the campus
Always were so calm and kept away from  irrelevant  fuss
The festival was so much of fun and spree
Enjoying those moments gave everlasting memories for free
Tension and fear never held upon us
As we were with circles that kept us cool and develop a trust
The days went so fast and we asked why only 1 year
And why cant we always remain as we were just here
The adieu messages in mail always bring in tear
And so now actually to lose someone near was the fear
A hope to meet always with fun
Was now changing to remain in touch in the long run
This is life and it will go on and on
But this one year was just friends who are now ready to move on
Now I stand awake whole night
Bags packed ticket booked
Tomorrow morning will be new place to move right.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do not lose hope

Every day is a new way to live
So why to be sad or feel peeve
It’s easy to say but hard to be a sufferer
But learning the hard way will make you tougher
Why always me to learn the hard way?
As you have a future if you fight this prey
All have a future despite the hardships
Believe me there is someone who will reward your worships
I pray for him day and night
But the results are so late as if I am never right
Don’t think you are out of his miracle
Its only the good thing comes after a debacle
I got only things which I never wanted
It’s just the start to give the biggest thing you flaunted
What about my family and my dear ones dreams
Will at this speed I would ever fill the Glass till rim
Do not worry you are only inches below your success
You never had imagined you fought all that mess
Finally I am tired of keep trying and trying
Believe me you are lucky to keep yourself always busy in trying
What if I give up one day after all I tried
You will not get that day ,God will make you feel the pride
But why so much pain and all days so hard to strive
Because Every day is a new way to be alive

Monday, March 19, 2012

Fashion Tip 8

Fashion Tip 8:
 Do not restrict yourself wearing black dresses on party occasions. Try some bright color dresses and they will make you the cynosure of the party.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Social Media Marketing Class

Comment, Post, Like, share is always where we keep on cook
SMM actually taught the more about facebook.
Upload and watch videos were just the two sides of a cube
Now actually we learnt the other facets of youtube.
Follow and tweet is what we knew of Twitter
But the insight 8 : 1 got us know what really matter
Never knew our name on web matters a lot
And within a week ‘Go’ got 50 shots
Blog, blog, blog is the actual way to blog
And the profiles on FB got the numerous links to read the blog log
Pinterest, soundcloud,
This course made us  just busy to register for free
Remember it was the last semester and we wanted to relax
And the class turned up as  the right place to ‘chillax’
The fun filled moments actually made our  attendance 100%
And popularity of subject made the class strength to become 200%
This message can go on and on
We just want to thank you for all your ‘Gyaan’
The day has come to an end and we are on web out of our locks
And here we realized that social media marketing rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fashion Tip7

If you do not have a flat belly and you are going for a party wearing a skin fit. Try wearing a broad belt on the belly which will make you look with flat belly and will add grace to your body.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fashion Tip 6

Do not use black,brown belts always with jeans. Try using some colorful belts. They will change the look . And to add on wear the same color streak as that of the belt in hair.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fashion Tip 5

A nice haircut can change the whole look of the person . A side partition is the look which suits almost everyone and specially if you have straight or wavy hair. Try getting a new look just by a new style of haircut. If you feel you are not sure , certainly you can re post to me.