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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do not lose hope

Every day is a new way to live
So why to be sad or feel peeve
It’s easy to say but hard to be a sufferer
But learning the hard way will make you tougher
Why always me to learn the hard way?
As you have a future if you fight this prey
All have a future despite the hardships
Believe me there is someone who will reward your worships
I pray for him day and night
But the results are so late as if I am never right
Don’t think you are out of his miracle
Its only the good thing comes after a debacle
I got only things which I never wanted
It’s just the start to give the biggest thing you flaunted
What about my family and my dear ones dreams
Will at this speed I would ever fill the Glass till rim
Do not worry you are only inches below your success
You never had imagined you fought all that mess
Finally I am tired of keep trying and trying
Believe me you are lucky to keep yourself always busy in trying
What if I give up one day after all I tried
You will not get that day ,God will make you feel the pride
But why so much pain and all days so hard to strive
Because Every day is a new way to be alive

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