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Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Yearbook 2012 by my college buddies

The stylish trendy fun-loving and skillful poetress of Great Lakes who is as modest and as simple at heart as a child would be. A great friend to have and a great human being to know. God bless you ...Amit Kumar Gupta

Oyeeee ladki... You are one girl in great lakes whose the MOST HELPFUL and the SWEETEST.... Miss green eyes... is good in dance, studies, masti, shopping.. u name it and she's into it :))))))))) Take care girl and keep smiling......Alfiya Aziz Kagalwala

This girl is amazing ..the most creatively stylish and one of the most bful girls of the Spartans batch though she doesnt have any arrogance about that. A very chilled out , fun loving , carefree girl!!!!!! A Very caring friend and yah also the sweetest !!!!!!!!!! An amazing dancer and amazing cook ...phew....rather she is a house of talent galore !!!!!!!!!! Wish u get all the happiness Adi and have all ur dreams fulfilled !!!!!!! All the best for Life !!!!!!!!!!...JAYAWARDHAN

An amazing person with a cute smile always on her face...charming indeed...would remember the group work we did together and of course our hangouts...All the best in life ahead......Suresh Ponnuru 

We have been a part of the same group for 3 months and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you. You are hardworking yet chilled out. You have been a great friend! All the very best!...Sonali Samyal

sacchi sacchin bataaun toh mujhe tu starting mein badi nakchidi types lagti thi..attitude n all..but latitude mein maalum padaa ki kitni mastraam and bindaas types hai tu..and then that performance in Lâ??atitude, that unforgettable trip to IIM-B for fashion show and tere haath ka khana..all these has made u one of those unforgettable friends from GL. Hope tu post colg kahin aas-pass hee rahey..khana and Limca toh bhar pet milega :P.. wish u love, happiness and grand success in life. Keep smiling :) ...Vikram Choudhary

Bahut hi pyari bachchi hai. Very good dancer. Stylish. Knows how to carry her. Very cute. Ms.Green. Her favourite color is Green. You'll find almost everything with her in green. Very helpful and a bit shy. Bahut achcha khana banati hai. Aaj tak panneer bhuji yaad aati hai. Remain as awesome as you are. God Bless you. All the best....Avnish Kaushik

Hey. You've been a pleasure knowing, what with all the pranks , fights and what have you. Thank you for helping make this a great year for me. Do stay in touch. Good-luck and Godspeed. :)...Vishak Raja

Pheli baar dekha tha to laga kafi serious rehne waali lakdi ho.. when I interacted with you bas uske baad se bas can't afford to lose you.. best in Friendship... Friendship ke liye kuch bhi karegi... Caring, loving, cutie, understanding, bindass, helping and all mast adjectives for you... I love when you make that sad face.. us face ko dekhne ke liye kuch bhi karunga...Awesum khana, great poems, loads of creativity, love for dancing.. Marketing tumhse aachi ko koi bhi nahi janta hoga... Last but not the least fashion ki koi bhi advice chahiye ho bas approach her... I wish all your dreams come true.. (biggest grooming centre).. God Bless you......Sahil Kumar

.kya khana banathi ho yaar..Matlab..ekdum.."hum toh aapko pahchaan gaye guru.." Artist I like artist.." pahle laga tha ki tum group mein aagi toh we wil not feel comfortable...but everything was just a perception..u are really sweet, determined and very helpful.. i never talked so much with any girl except my girlfriend..and love ur always be with us and i assure u we will rock a day in our life.. In the end it matters "Adi i feel proud to have friend like u "...Saurabh Aggarwal

AAddyyyy!!.. one of my frends dt i wud wish to maintain frever.. her cheerful nd bubbly nature automatically connnected us.. wil nevr frget ur image of THE latitude moment of "ENERGYY" ..dts wen i really respected ur positive spirit!!!.. be always as u r -> sweet, bubbly, kind, creative.. :) .. nd yesss our late nite gossip sessions wil remain one of d more cherishable moments fr me too ;) :D .. God bless & wish u a grreaaattt future ahead.. :)))...Devika Garg

Adi!!!!! Mummy ki yaad dila deta hai tere hathon ka khana, thanks for all those times when u cooked for us and made us feel at home! Also the dhokle we had, IIm -B ki pagalpanti, The stupid FS and what not...Der se hi sahi but we became such good frnz here...will cherish that forver gurl! Wish all ur dreams of grooming others come true..CHeers!!!...Sushant Midha

Madame..!!! I love u 4 multiple reasons!! u hav it all... style, attitude, beauty, brains, boldness!!!! n top it up wid smiles n charm!! caring, helpful n wonderful neighbour!!! Wish u ATB in life :) Godspeed!!...Avani Mittal

Fashion mein choor hai yeh ladki. One of the very first friends I made at GL. Total bindaas and fun person to hangout. Have a great life and keep in touch!...Mohammad Khurram Mirza

Had a good time knowing of the first gals i talked in gl.....i irritated her with a lot of comments initially but she understood how i am ..... :) take care add-veta.....:)...Saurabh Srivastava

the most fashionable girl of the college...super duper talented...wish u best of luck and be in touch... ...Urjit Amohchandra Shah

Meri fashion designer.. i was her first project here and may be the most unsuccessful :( so easy to interact with and so understanding.. meri padosi to which i know many ppl wud be jealous of me :D she always look great - hamari Kkareena aur sabki pyaari si dost - always stay in touch and ATB dear :)...Anubha Singh

Addy or better call Cowgirl from Kanpur! Today in the morning, I swore to God that from on, I will speak only the truth which indeed is a tough thing to do. But tell you what, writing about you just made it easy! Dear you have a cool quotient about youâ?¦ and you are a perfect friend! Initially, thought you are very reserved but thanks to Jay that you happened to me! And my opinion changed! Addy is very-very down to earth, never loses her cool, had a lot of family values, and the best part is she knows whats more right between two rights and whatâ??s more wrong between two wrongs! You and Sahil, supported me a lot! God! I was the new-born in her all-boys group. And I still wonder how she easily mingles with everybody, no arrogance at all! And yeah she loves her mother a lot and I want others to love their parents as does to her parents. You are my sweetest buddy and had always pulled me whenever I faltered! I remember how you helped me to cope with my lows in life! Will always remember you and respect you for what you are! I love your passion! Just for Addy, â??Some goals are worthy enough that itâ??s glorious even to failâ??. Just live it and relive it! And yeah addy, u being rich and beautiful, I must tell you, some boys (Who Vehshi darinda; you know LOLz) are after you! But donâ??t worry, I am watching you! I will always be there for you. Just call me anytime & everytime, Yours truly Bhavneesh Shukla ...Bhavneesh Shukla

Adveta..a lovely name...just as lovely as her personality is!:-)...always caring for all...n i too was one of the lucky ones who could experience your caring nature since the first few days of GL...when you cared to gift me a beautiful bangel on my B'day..:-)..despite the fact that we have not been in much interaction..!! My gift for you is still pending...which i'll surely give you before leaving GL..:-)) All the very best for your future Sweet Lady!!....would love to keep in touch with you in future!:-)...Ruchi Chaudhary

kewl...bindas rockstar....awesome fun loving gal...full on masti ....tat is wat defines her......wil nevr forget ur homade 5star choclarte brownies....old the best for future endeavors....keep smiling and rocking...!!...Sahil Mahajan

Great dancer..highly stylish..n a mast gurl..keep smiling n rockin always..all the best...Abhilash Mohapatra

Humare floor ki fashion expert...fulltoo bindaas...she shud have been part of green committee;)...noth very caring n fun to be wid person...wish u all d vert best of life...god bless......Tripta Kishore

The most stylish girl in college and can give u fashion tips any time of d day! Be it ur side swept hair or ur front fringe, u always look beautiful! U've got a great attitude and u can be a friend to anyone. Never lose this attitude and keep smiling always! May all ur dreams come true! :)...Noopur Goel

Adveta......As beautiful is the is the person herself :P An awesomest and the most graceful dancer I have seen!...Never seen her angry...hamesha calm and compose rehti hai....extremely pretty....Our styler, yoga instructur....Dance master....beautician...everything that a girl needs to be perfect!! You are a u always...!! Please continue giving ur we will need them for lifetime..!! Stay in touch Adyyy.....will miss u always...aur resume your yoga sessions asap!! :P...Neha Verma

barbie doll absolute fashion freak .... hmari yoga guru.....very swt very adorable.....i wish all ur lyf every sec... u have loads of reasons to smile n spread happiness around u.......have a fantastic lyf Mishra

A very simple down to earth and beautiful girl.. Working with her in KY across terms and villages has been a very good experience. A very good teacher.. Passionate about her career and committed to it.. U will surely be one good designer.. Keep up the best in you...!!! Cheeers... God Bless...!!!...Maunil Jayendra Shah

Beauty with brains.. Multitasking madame How do you manage to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and also manage to answer questions, in great technical detail in class?! Have loved my interactions with you.. Keep in touch!...Devyani Sharma

Tumhare haath ka khana hamesha yaad rahega.You saved a lot of money going to Akshaya by preparing really delicious food.You are also a very down to earth person but at the same time stylish and fashion freak.I really enjoyed your company in the trips to mahabs. Wish you best of luck....Jai Prakash Sinha

No matter how brief was our interaction, but glad that got to know a gurl with amazing heart.. Stay the way you are.. Stay in touch...Prachi Garg

Hey Adveta... my dearest fren, cutest, meri yoga teacher, meri fashion consultant, the best cook and what all.. words are too less to express what you mean to me... but yes a very special friend.. and I wish u all the happiness in the world... keep smiling always.. god bless u :)) ...Ashwini S Mahashabde

A perfect case of fundamental attribution error, ppl think one cant be creative and quantitative â?? but you are; ppl think one cant be beautiful and brainy - but you are; ppl think one cant be ultra modern and typical Indian â?? again you are. you are the first girl i noticed here ( yeh jhooth hai). We have always been in same group from day 1... n together have seen all the ups and downs of a group formation(ye to samajh gayi hogi). You have ample of potential to do anything, just donâ??t listen to anyone and keep trying what you want, success will surely follow. Best wishes........Sumit Gupta

You really look like a doll ....Take wishes .....Aditi Basu

Tere bare m even i use to think as vikram use to..nakchadi..attitude wali...but u were altogether much down to earth...n ur dance..really u should perform solo on..shiela k jawani...tera suji ka halwa abhi tak pending khatam hone se pehle khila diyo...n aise hi rahiyo hamesha..saying this bcoz of inkfruit incidence...actually i started feeling wro0ng after that night...hope to stay Arora

Ms.Green..Beautyâ?¦fashionâ?¦danceâ?¦.mastiâ?¦still have the chit we shared as part of a game when we first sure fun knowing u more and off course having u aroundâ?¦excellent cook.. ALL THY BE$T..GOD BLE$$.. :)...Saloni Goel

Adi is THE BEST...humari Kareena...d best dress designer, best dancer & a clean hearted human idle shadi material :p....i pray all ur wishes come true...rely u've ben d heart f every trip, meetin, bistro maggie hours....sumtyms i wish v shud hav met in d 1st month better late than never....dnt worry i'll b in touch always...:)...Abhinav Sharma

Adveta,The doll of GL :)..Whatever interactions we had they were all fun..especially i wasstunned to c ur dress designing capability suring B'lore fashion show..Tu itti pyari ahi aur sabka bahut dhyan rakhti hai..ALways stay the same dear..N plz coleg khatam hone se pehle ek baar apne haath ka khana khila de..Stay the same n be in touch..:)...Sonam Duhan

Saw you first while collecting books on the first day.. you looked pretty like a doll.. WIll never forget the Heymath experience .. It was memorable to pool in ideas selflessly as a group.. I really liked you for that.. Good Luck!! ...Maheeja G

She is the most creative person that I have meet in the campus..The way you looks at things are amazing..There were several instances when you were just selfless and went on with the group..The best cook who came with great recipes ..The outing of the groups were the most memorable part of stay in great lakes..Very Caring,down to earth ...Stay the way you are ..Keep in touch and all the best for your Future...Bineet Kumar

Typical Japaneese doll of our class. Extremely sweet natured, who has a lovely smile for everyone. Cheers and do stay in touch!...Prathiba Venkataraman

Adddy.... A girl who very nice to talk, always cheerful and full of energy... super dancer and style icon of GL... We really had a great time during Sangamitra, Outings and parties... and we also share same rank of "Head chef"... :).. It was real pleasure knowing and interacting with you... wishing u a very bright future and successful life ahead... ...Uday Pratap Singh

Hey. hope u i had interacted with u before.. knew u since heymath day. we both share so may same passions.. Retailing project including visit to Globus was a soo friendly experience. ur encouraging words n caring attitude is what i liked the most abt u.. n u have a great fashion sense.. all the best deat.. tc.. keep in touch...Anuja Dash

Hey...if you ever thought i was too rude, harsh, stubborn or something wasn't meant to be that way...Keep shining bright!!!...Rahul Ray

Ady the doll... glam queen..amazing dancer.. Go green slogan ki ambassador... superb cook.. MATLAB humari multi talented rockstar... it was â??greenâ?? knowing you... i hope your google dreams come true.. you are one of the sweetest gals i know in GL and hope all your dreams and aspirations come true.....Bhavana Bhandari

I am still waiting for that haircut which you had promised :) of the most fashionable girl in college who has all the fashion tips and loves the color green...u surely have a good dressing sense..hope you get to follow your dream of becoming a designer soon..Stay in touch...All the best :)...Swati Arora

Uff madam ab apke bareh may kya kya kahe aur kya na kahe :) :) Karena of GLIM ,, my koolest fashion designer ... d best cook ever .. am glad we came close in these last few months and now ur like family .. dnt even hv2 think twice to call ya o trouble y at any odd hour.. ur such a sweethrt ,, and ur really very pretty babe and i mean it ,, ur the 1st female who cought my eye in GLIM,, ur a perfect amalgam of style+beauty+brain+emotions.... thank you 4 being there 4 me !! Godbless :) Bhole Nat ki Kasam ,, Lagta hai Kuch Purranna hai Tumse !!!...Aradhika Tayal

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